The Wedding Gift

  • June 16, 2012

This spring Mark carved a pair of very unique sculptures for Jason, the owner of Big Secret, a laser etching and cutting business in Richmond, as a surprise wedding present for his new bride. One sculpture has a bear body and a bird head; the other has a bird body and a bear head. The sculptures represent the couples love of bears (the bride’s ring has a custom bear design), and the bride’s name is Bird.

Mark delivered the sculptures to Smith Mountain Lake, where the wedding took place, and where Bird saw them for the first time. What a wonderful moment it was! After the wedding, the sculptures were taken back to the couple’s home where they stand guard at the entrance. Jason laser etched a beautiful sign with their names for one of the sculptures to hold.

I enjoy getting to know our clients and sharing in the excitement of creating their sculptures. It is fun to see them become so attached to their new “family member,” and I love it when they give it a name. (As you’ve probably noticed from our carving portfolio, I can’t help but name the sculptures. But, I try and resist naming the custom carvings, leaving that to the new owners.)

– Dana

Bird-Bear carvings wedding gift