Cedar wood bear cubs

  • November 23, 2014

Mark took one of his cedar logs and chainsaw carved these adorable bear cubs. He ended up leaving them in a more rustic state because they looked so unique and adorable. These little fellows are affectionately called Gummy Bears. Mark left the cedar wood in its natural state so they smell wonderful in addition to being so cute.

Cedar Baby Bears

Small Cedar Bears

Next Mark carved another group of bear cubs from a cedar log, but they are more finished while still having a rustic feel; not to mention how friendly they look. These babies are just  the right size for kids to adopt!

Cedar Baby Bears

Cedar Baby Bear

Cedar Baby Bear

Here is another pair of bear cubs: Coal, a black bear carved from pine and Dually, a brown bear out of cedar.

Coal and Dually, Small Black and Brown Bears

Dually, Small Brown Bear

Coal, Small Black Bear