2013 Virginia Wine and Garlic Festival

  • August 3, 2014

It’s almost time for the 2014 Virginia Wine and Garlic Festival at Rebec Vineyards in Amherst. We’ll be there, and here are some pictures from last year. The rain never did completely go away but the popular event still had a great crowd. We made new friends and got to see some of our clients and friends from the previous year. Mark carved  about two dozen pumpkins in various shapes and sizes. They were rustic in style and burnt with a torch to give it the dark accents and shading. They look great clustered together wherever you can think to put them. A few friends bought several and placed them on their porch next to their fall planters. Mark also carved a clan of small rustic bears which were even more popular than the pumpkins. Each one was so unique and most of them went home with a new family by the end of the festival weekend. All in all, a great weekend and great event!

Loaded truck

Garlic Festival pumpkins

Garlic Festival little bears

Garlic Festival booth

Mark and Dana