About the Artist

Mark Poleski

Mark with a pair of waving bears

A lifelong artist, Mark has worked in a variety of mediums and subjects. He was that kid in school who could easily draw anything with an amazing amount of detail, accuracy and imagination. In his early years as an artist, Mark was known among friends and family for realistic pencil portraits of children and pets as well as abstract and symbolic oil paintings. He then returned to working in pencil, mainly drawing fantastical creatures and scenes. Next, Mark picked up an airbrush and began painting motorcycle helmets and car hoods, plus repainted and lettered an antique tractor. Prior to launching his careers as an artist, Mark was a residential contractor with 20 years of experience. He is an expert in all areas of building and renovations, but especially enjoys custom wood and rock work.

Mark starting an eagle

At the end of 2010, during an especially freezing and snowy winter, Mark took a break from cutting wood for the fire and brought his chainsaw over to a large tree trunk section. Next thing I know, Mark calls me out to the yard and there sits a bear, staring and smiling at me. His wood carvings have been multiplying ever since.

Read more about his wood sculpture.

Dana Poleski

I have loved art and design (and horses) my whole life. After studying art history and arts management at Sweet Briar College and  L’Université Paris-Sorbonne, I launched my career in graphic design, marketing, advertising, and PR. After working in the nonprofit and healthcare sector, I returned to my roots as a freelance communication designer plus enjoy marketing Sleepy Hollow Art and Mark’s amazing work!Mark and Dana at Wintergreen